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GREAT GREEN GORILLA Mission is to provide the most unique, high quality Hemp Flowers and CBD Products globally unique to Great Green Gorilla's Brand. We believe our customers have the right to choose what they consume.

Great Green Gorilla offer

products for personal and recreational use.

Mission Statement


Our mission is to make Great Green Gorilla your preferred shopping destination. By delivering outstanding service value with continuous innovative customer service. We will consistently fulfill your service expectations with every order without exception.

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Great Green Gorilla Mission

We want to make it as easy to buy hemp flower as possible. While creating our brand Great Green Gorilla we network with dozens of farmers. We built our own business by creating this network and now we want to share it. Stay tuned for updates. We're constantly adding in new farms and products as the harvests come in.

National Product Sourcing Services

As we all know. Sourcing high quality CBD & Hemp products can be challenging and time consuming for CBD Retail Store Owners. We can help.
Great Green Gorilla’s National Product Sourcing Services is your one stop solution. Our services will reduce your total cost and free up more time for you to manage and market your business.  
At the Heart of Great Green Gorilla’s product sourcing services. Is our support from a vast diverse supplier base of vetted Hemp industry leading partners with trusted farms and labs.
Great Green Gorilla sources only the highest quality products for customers at below market pricing, full transparency and certificates of authenticity without exception.
Other Available Services
  • Wholesale pricing services
  • Pre-Roll contract Services
  • Turnkey Co-Branding & Packaging services
  • (VMI) Vendor Managed Inventory services
  • Bulk Storage Services with point of use shipping services
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